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Our 1” pan type doors are fabricated of type 304 Stainless Steel and use our silent hydraulic closure system ensuring a slow closing positive latching action eliminating noise and injuries. Door closures are located out of the flow of material to ensure a long life. All door frames are fabricated of steel angle which is fully welded. Mounting flanges are made with elongated holes providing plenty of field adjustment. Doors are available with standard or master keyed locks and electrical interlocks. All doors have replaceable door panels, latches and closures ensuring the lowest possible maintenance costs
 Bottom Hinged Hand Operated Door :
The Bottom Hinged Hand Operated Door is used on most chutes handling loose 0 rubbish or linen. The door opens a full 51 to provide a convenient slide hopper opening with side checks to reduce spillage. “V” backed intakes can be furnished to restrict the size of material loaded into the chute, eliminating long oversize objects from clogging offsets or jamming the discharge. Rubber baffles are also available to reduce back draft and protect users from debris.
 Side Hinged Hand Operated Door :
The Side Hinged Hand Operated Door is used on most chutes handling Bagged Linen or other bulky items and also rubbish. This door can be 0 opened a full 180 to handle even the largest bags and bundles. When opened completely the clear opening is equal to the door’s nominal size. Doors are available with left or right side hinging as well as top hinged rubber baffles to reduce back draft and protect users from debris.
1 - “H” Discharge
The model “H” discharge is used where building conditions dictate a change of direction for material to pass through a wall. The hopper sides and top are fabricated of the same material as the chute with the bottom being fabricated of thick material for superior impact resistance. The hopper is supported on a structural steel, all welded angle, balancing on four post iron frame. All hopper discharges have a 2” drain connection at the low point and are equipped with a top hinged spring counter – balanced door with a fusible link hold open and a cam latch at the bottom allowing the door to be closed during wash down. Additional reinforcing plates are available for high impact applications.
2 – “A” Discharge
This pan style door is mounted with wheels on an inclined steel track 0 and is held open with a 70 C fusible link. This door IS NOT designed for use as a shut off gate and is only offered for fire safety
With more cities & state recycling mandates being enacted requiring source sorting, designers are searching for cost effective space saving methods of complying with local rules. From low-tech strategic placement of recyclable collection containers on the ground to multi-chute and electronic diverter systems.
Multiple Chutes
The most basic system available for source sorting in multi storey projects is to use multiple chutes. We start with our standard rubbish chute and add to it additional chutes to provide the number of sorts required. Some municipalities require only two sorts, rubbish and mixed recyclables. Others may require further segregation. With multiple chutes you can provide a simple, low maintenance, lowtech, low cost system
When floor space is at a premium, Klean Multi-Chute is the answer. Handling up to three sorts, the multi-chute is a single chute with dividers running the length of the chute. Open the door and there are separate compartments for the waste and two recyclables. At the bottom of the chute the two outsides sections are offset away from the center allowing each to fall into its own bin. Minimum recommended chute size - 600 mm diameter.