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 Service Portfolio :

Text Box:  Text Box:  Sangir Plastics has a complete independent team handling on-site installation and commissioning and off-site pre-fabrication work.  A dedicated workshop equipped with advanced welding equipment from European companies like Wegner and Technodue, provides high quality fabricated fittings and custom fabrication jobs in-house.  Experience of several years of erection and commissioning jobs at large metallurgy and chemical companies has given the services team exposure to extreme conditions and provided successful orientation towards high quality deliverables. Sangir is able to take up turnkey jobs which would consist of designing, supplying, installation, erection and commissioning of complete piping systems with guaranteed performance for decades.


A total combined experience of the services management team exceeds 50 years in the field and the supervisors include among the best available in the country.


 Installations Completed In Following Industries::

1) Metallurgy plants.
2) Chemical Industry.
3) Fluorochemical industry.
4) Phosphoric Acid Plants.
5) Steel plants.
6) Chemical Waste Treatment Plants.
7) Oil manufacturing plants
8) Nuclear Power Plants.
9) Pickling Lines.
10) Textile Industry.
11) Effluent Treatment - Marine Outfall

Custom Fabrication jobs undertaken include: Tanks, Vessels, Hoods, Ducts, Lined pipes etc.