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Sangir Plastics
At Sangir Plastics we set high standards on our own performance. For all activities we undertake, quality requirements are our guiding principle. Our staff checks every phase of the work against our quality systems which is certified according to ISO 9001-2000. Thanks to this internal quality system and our stringent execution procedures we can often achieve considerable time savings on your projects. From our people you may always expect know-how, flexibility and imagination. Every project brings new challenges, but also new opportunities. Sangir Plastics is always glad to assist you in finding a solution to any problem.
At Sangir Plastics we look beyond tomorrow. Nothing is more vulnerable than a leading edge in know-how and technology. We therefore constantly invest in new techniques and systems, but above all, in people. Education and training are essential elements of our company policy. Sangir Plastics agreements will stand and always be honored. Reliability might sound old-fashioned, but as far as we are concerned it is certainly not out of date. Over the years Sangir Plastics has built up an outstanding reputation for quality and we are constantly striving to maintain and enhance that reputation.